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Works in plastic. Worldwide. COLASIT is a leading plastics engineering partner for handling critical industrial exhaust air and aggressive liquids. Our plastic fans are recognized worldwide as benchmark.
Our management is target and result oriented as well as employee-friendly. We promote confidence-based collaboration with our customers, suppliers and employees in accordance with ethical principles. We solve problems with a positive mindset and in a team. We use our strengths and improve them continuously.
We fulfil customer needs and are market-oriented. We are familiar with the concern and needs of our key clients. We meet the quality and time requirements of our customers and convince by our flexibility.
We continuously improve our products and services. Better, faster and more cost-effective - this is our motto. Our products and services comply with customer specifications and all legal requirements.
Suppliers are our partners. By means of a constructive collaboration, we continuously optimise quality, flexibility and costs and thus improve our range on offer.
We bear financial responsibility in the context of our work. Good results are a prerequisite for the development of business. This we finance by means of our own generated resources. We ensure liquidity at all times.
We promote the personal, social and professional competence of our employees. We promote entrepreneurial thinking and actions. The continuous further development is done by "learning on the job" and by means of suitable further training. We require personal integrity of all employees.
We bear responsibility for the quality of our work. We work as efficiently and flawlessly as possible. Long-term customer relations and excellent references are proof of the high quality of products and services. Certified in accordance with ISO 9001.
Our IT system is efficient, secure and stable. We rely on tried and tested hardware and software applications. We accord special priority to IT security
Our infrastructure is economical, secure and environmentally-friendly. High availability is ensured by continuous maintenance. We seek to avoid accidents and health hazards, to act in an environmentally sound manner and to comply with legal requirements.

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