ColaVent - Design program for fans

ColaVent the new perspective in design analysis of fans.

The Fastline or Expert applications offer you optimal support when selecting the right fan.
Quick - Easy - Online
For user without a working knowledge - no registration necessary
  • no log-on
  • no installation
  • easy selection of fans
  • quickly send query                                                                                                  

Expended - Easy - Online
For user with in-depth knowledge
  • one-time registration
  • no installation
  • easy selection of fans
  • advanced selection options  (explosive protection, material, motor)                                  
  • quickly send query                      

The SIMCHEM 6.0 is your skilled and comprehensive advisor in all questions to do with the chemical resistance
of work materials made of plastics. More than 3,000 media and commercial producs are listed in this electronic guidebook.

In additon you will find valuable information on the products on offer by SIMONA AG

 SIMCHEM online